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The Geomatikk Group is the leading Nordic infrastructure management and protection company and one of the largest businesses within this domain in Europe. The Group comprises five companies operating across Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Our vision is to secure societies undisrupted access to critical infrastructure. To achieve this, our mission is to provide sustainable, efficient, and secure software and services to manage and protect critical infrastructure.

Our solutions connect infrastructure owners, contractors, and public authorities to create a comprehensive ecosystem that streamlines operations, reduce costs, and minimize disruption to critical infrastructure. We leverage our tech-enabled workforce and secure, user-friendly SaaS platforms to reduce costs, digitalize operations, and protect our clients' assets.

Our customers are owners of network infrastructures like electricity distribution networks, fiber and telecom networks, water and gas utilities. We also serve their contractors who may be responsible for designing, planning, building, and operating the infrastructures on behalf of the infrastructure owner.



Employees in 3 countries

890 MNOK

In annual revenue and growing

280 000

field assignments annually for 400 asset owners


The Geomatikk Group comprises five companies with different areas of focus, but which all aim to provide sustainable, efficient and secure software and services to manage and protect critical infrastructure.

Geomatikk AS

Geomatikk AS

We protect critical infrastructure with a nationwide service for cable location, excavation permits handling for municipalities, and coordination of planned excavation work. Geomatikk is Norway’s leading provider of utility networks documentation services.

Geomatikk AB

Geomatikk AB

We work to create uninterrupted distribution networks for Sweden’s largest utilities. The core business is protecting cables during excavation works, but we also document distribution networks and coordinate excavation permits for municipalities.

Geomatikk Oy

Geomatikk Oy

We protect utility networks in Finland. On behalf of utilities, Geomatikk prevents damage to underground infrastructure by delivering cable location services in connection with excavation activities..

Keypro OY

Keypro OY

We are a software and services company specialising in network and spatial data solutions.

Micado AS

Micado AS

Micado is the leading provider of fiber documentation software in Norway. Micado provides four main products: TelMeWeb, TelMePlan, TelMe and Kartserver.no. and provides software for planning, operations and maintenance to some of the largest fiber network providers in Norway.

Let us present the management team of the Nordic Geomatikk Group

Geir Hansen

Chief Executive Officer Geomatikk Group

Erik Helland

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Siri Schmidt-Horix

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Petri Raitio

Chief Technology Officer  (CTO)

Emanuel Widén

Chief Commercial Officer  (CCO)

Åsmund Kjenstad Hansen

Chief Product Officer

Anders Mogensen

Managing Director of Geomatikk AS

Petter Holmberg

Managing Director of Geomatikk Sverige

Ville Heinonen

Managing Director of Geomatikk Finland

Sami Relander

Managing Director of Keypro


A number of values are evident in all aspects of the Geomatikk Group’s activities. These guide us in our efforts to create a pleasant work environment and ensure a high level of quality in our deliveries to customers.



We always look forward, employ cutting-edge technology, are sensitive to the market’s needs, and continuously develop new products and services.



Our work environment is characterised by openness, honesty, participation and loyalty. There is mutual respect and we cooperate with and help one another.



We keep our promises to customers and employees. We have a well-documented work process that is based on correct information and straightforward deliveries.



Our focus is firmly on our customers and improving our business based on the feedback we receive from them. We are professional and accommodating, both internally and externally.