Byantikvaren is digitising its slide archive

Since the 1970s Byantikvaren (the Urban Conservation Office) in Trondheim Municipality has kept an extensive image archive comprising thousands of slides. The images document buildings in the municipality and provide valuable documentation of the building stock during this period.

Until the slides have been scanned, they are as good as inaccessible, and therefore there is huge benefit to them now being digitised, creating searchable content for both local residents and municipal employees. Over 6,000 buildings in Trondheim have been classified as being of historic value.

Geomatikk IKT already provides a photographic archive in Trondheim for Byantikvaren based on the renowned braArkiv, and is in the process of digitising the slides. The photographic archive comprises more than 10,000 digital images of cultural monuments.

All images will be added to the national cultural heritage database Askeladden, which is managed by Riksantikvaren (the Directorate for Cultural Heritage). There they are assigned a unique cultural monument ID that can be traced back to the photographic archive and used in Riksantikvaren’s search tool,

The next round of work will see the SEFRAK archive digitised. This comprises more than 10,000 negatives, archived with a SEFRAK ID.