Geomatikk AB is engaged for documentation of Skanova’s nationwide distribution network

Geomatikk AB were chosen as outsourcing partner for Telia/Skanovas’s documentation unit as of February 1, 2017. The contract marks another step in the parties’ collaboration with the aim of expanding and future-proofing the documentation of Sweden’s largest open fiber and copper grid.

Society is dependent on the invisible infrastructure, such as in the form of buried electricity, telecommunications and fiber distribution networks. Correct documentation about the distribution networks helps to reduce the vulnerability of society. Grid owners will be aware of the exact location of the cables, which prevents interruptions.

“We have great confidence in Geomatikk’s ability to document our distribution networks. Geomatikk has excellence in the field and will be an important support in our upcoming generational shift, where we face the challenge of transferring all documentation about the management network from CAD to a new GIS platform,” says Kjell Rödin, operations manager at Skanova.

Geomatikk has a dedicated documentation unit in Gothenburg with about 25 employees. With the takeover, the unit is expanding with another twelve employees in Örebro and Sollentuna.