The Geomatikk group has divested Geomatikk Survey AS

Geomatikk Survey AS has been sold from Geomatikk Holding AS to Anko AS a Norwegian surveying company that is covering most of Norway. The transaction was closed on July 2nd.

The Geomatikk group will still survey sub-surface infrastructure, but for above surface survey and modelling Geomatikk will rely on cooperation with specialist surveying companies like Anko. Geomatikk will continue to market combined below and above ground 3D models in Norway and is looking to expand this offering to all Nordic countries. Our well-established and integrated IT-systems and services form a unique platform for safeguarding critical infrastructure. Accurate and updated mapdata and 3D models support decision-making, reduce cost and improve safety. We continue to improve functionality and workflows to help our clients harvest the benefits from modern surveying, BIM and related technologies through our services.