The municipality of Askøy is now online with our public portal for property information!

Previously, the citizens of Askøy municipality have been dependent on help from the public administration to find documents from old building applications. Now they can help themselves by using our self-service portal!

When a citizen needs to get access to property information, it can often be a long and time-consuming process where the dialogue mainly is based on e-mail, telephone and physical attendance at the municipality’s office. Askøy, like many other municipalities, aims to facilitate increased self-service for its citizens, and has therefore chosen to digitize the archive of building applications and make it searchable. Now they have chosen to make the scanned material available to their citizens through our public self-service portal, doctorg.

Askøy is the first municipality to adopt the solution to the public, and now provides insight into construction drawings, maps, sketches, applications, photos, decisions, temporary use permits and certificates of completion to its citizens.

In 2016, the municipality tidied away documents from old buildings – applications that had previously been stored in the town hall, and which at that time seized approximately 180 meters of archive shelves. The archive was sent to Geomatikk IKT in Trondheim for digitization and was then prepared for publishing in doctorg.

doctorg is a public solution that reflects the content of the digitized archive. Here the citizens are provided with the possibility to look up documents by address or property registration number, and further filter the documents by case number and case type. In addition, they have the opportunity to download, print and forward selected documents by e-mail. In an article on their website, Askøy municipality emphasizes that a solution like this is an important improvement for the digitization of the citizen dialogue:

“We live in a digital world, and Askøy municipality wants to adapt to the changes we see in the population and in social needs. Digital solutions will be a step in the right direction for more openness and better interaction”.

This type of commitment to innovation and digitization for a more efficient and self-serving dialogue is an important basis in the public sector in Norway, and we at Geomatikk IKT therefore hope that this is something that can help set the standard for several municipalities in the future.

Read more about the project at Askøy municipality’s website: